Friday, June 3, 2011

That update I promised..

So today "the Trainer" came over to see Charlie and me again, the greeting went exactly as the first did (which I consider great!), if you didn't read about that scroll down and you'll find it. I've decided to just call her The Trainer because I don't think there is a law against it, and I feel uncomfortable using her real name for some weird reason.

She gave me homework.

I mean, I knew this was coming and this is better then any homework i've ever gotten from school, I get to work with my dog and when I complete that homework it will, hopefully, positively effect my life (unlike that crap they give you at school).

Today she showed me how to improve Charlie's "Look at me" ("watch me") and she was prepared to help me teach the "Touch" command but since Charlie already knows that one she gave me tips on how to use that to make sure Charlie is focused on me. No matter what.

Now, i'm bragging about my adorable little puppy again, but he's so freaking smart that he catches on very fast. So after one hour when The Trainer was knocking on doors, talking loudly, stomping around, even sitting on the ground making a ton of noise, Charlie would always focus on me when I said "touch."

Now it's pretty late and Charlie and I have to get up and do homework tomorrow, and since he fell asleep and started snoring three hours ago it's safe to say that he will have an unfair advantage.

P.s. I'm really glad I clicker trained Charlie. He used to touch and high five my hand when I asked for one or the other, but since the clicker he has them seperated. It is actually making training a lot easier because Charlie tends to do what I ask then add a little improv. which he tends to think is what he is getting the treat for. So a yeay for clickers!

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