Friday, June 17, 2011


Charlie sleeps with a giant stuffed gorilla every night.
You can see part of it in this picture..

It's Thursday! (well again it is actually Friday, but I don't care and you don't care so just read the post...) So that means you get an update on Charlie!

First before we start I just want to let you know that I have a job shadow with a vetrinarian on Tuesday. I'm really nervous because if I can't handle the surguries it is a) going to be a really long day and b) back to trying to figure out what I want to do with my life... I just want to make a decision already.

Back to Sir Charles.

The Trainer gave us homework last week, and I think Charlie is catching on very well. I was supposed to teach him to go to his bed on command. I taught him to lay down in his bed when I say the word (this is super creative) "bed." When the trainer was here we increased the distance between me and the bed when I told Charlie to go there, I went around a wall, and I walked completely out of the room. Near the end The Trainer went outside and rang the doorbell and knocked on the door and even though Charlie growled a little he went to his bed when I told him and he stayed there when I let The Trainer in and she walked in and sat down and Charlie waited until I said he could move. Yeay Charlie! He stayed in his bed without distractions for 90 seconds today and I think we can get a lot better so we will be working on that this week.
Charlie also has mastered "Leave it" and I can randomly throw a treat across the room and he will look at me instead of chasing it.

Also this week:
Continue of "Look at me."
Improving "Back up" (Hand stand here we come!)
Getting "Spin" down completely without lure.
Dropping the ball in my hand rather then by my feet.
Retrieving leash (we might save this one for another week)

If anybody has any more tricks that they think are unique and able to be taught to a 20lb dog... let me know. Actually... I don't even care if it is unique... Tricks you think are cool...

P.S. I forgot the P.S. this week and had to go back.

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