Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dog Stalking & Homework Update

I haven't told you this before, but Charlie has had many stalkers over the years. It's amazing how many people will just take a picture of a random dog at the dog park. Always the cutest, Charlie usually is the most often picked for such things.

Of course, I don't mind... Kinda. I mean, I want to know where these pictures are going! Last year some lady took a video of Charlie and me playing fetch.
I mean, if it was just Charlie I wouldn't have minded so much but I was in that video and I want to know where it is! Is it somewhere on youtube? a blog? Is she just keeping it to herself? Is she some creepy dog stalker who takes videos of dogs and watches them between feeding her overweight dog, giving her overweight dog treats and not walking her overweight dog? Wait! wait... Is she a CHILD STALKER? Did I ever consider that? No! Not until now! Oh no!

Let's forget about that last paragraph entirely.

I just want to know where this video is of my dog. He was, of course, being super impressive with his tiny legs and insane speed but does that mean she had to take a video of my dog? So many questions, no way to find out answers.

So if you see a video of this dog:

When questioned on the incident Charlie responded:
"Someone was taking a video of me? all I saw was the ball I was chasing."
Let me know.

On to the homework The Trainer gave Charlie and me. I have been working on his "Look at me" (again most people say "Watch me") and he is doing pretty well, but he always looks away when a noise is made, he turns back fast as lightning, but always looks away for half a second. We are still working on that.

The other thing I am working on is making sure Charlie waits for me to say okay for him to get a treat. I do this by holding a handful of treats and the clicker in one hand, and a single treat in the other. When I hold out my hand Charlie goes for that one treat and I just hold on to it so he can not get to it and as soon as he stops trying and looks away I click and give him a treat from my other hand. We have gotten to the point where I hold out my hand flat out and he will not take the treat, and without saying "Leave it" or "stay" I can throw a treat across the room and he will not chase after it.

As for the "touch" command we've been working on, it has been going extremely well. I had britney come over and knock on doors and make a ton of noise and Charlie would always come to me when I said "touch."

This is such an awkward picture of Britney
Oh well, i'm pressing the post button right now...

On another positive note, the other day Britney walked into my house and I thought it was my brother so I didn't react at all and Charlie barked at her a couple of times then they walked into the living room together. Later Charlie pushed his head into her hand and she got a good 5 seconds of petting in before Charlie realized he was supposed to be a big mean dog and he gave a little growl.

Anyways! I'll right down random stuff for you to read again at a later date!

P.S. I seem to be posting a "P.S." for every single blog i'm writting and since I couldn't think of one today, this is it.



  1. I would be kind of creeped out if someone videoed me and my dogs. Am I paranoid?

  2. No... I feel like I should have asked her about it. I just want to know what she did with that video!

  3. No one wants to take photos or videos of just another big, black lab mix :)

    Good job with the training! I am going to start teaching Cosmo to "watch." He likes to growl at strangers while out on walks and such. But he's very treat motivated so it shouldn't be too hard to keep his attention.

  4. Ace is not just another black lab mix! I would take photos of him... If I did that sort of thing.