Monday, September 19, 2011


So much has been happening it's crazy ridiculous.

 My friends bought me a 20 gallon fish tank for my birthday, though my birthday isn't for another month and 7 days. (mark it on your calender, I expect birthday wishes...) I've been working on it for a while now and currently have a Betta fish (Harley) in there and 6 albino cory catfish (Cosby, Sharon, Howe, Piers, Ellen and scooter). They are so delightful... i'm not crazy. Jaws is still in his own little 5 gallon tank...

Still a vegetarian. I'm only at like... 7 weeks, but I'm pretty proud of myself.


I got to hang out with my cousin's dog Gypsy. I'm not sure if it is a girl or a boy.. They called this dog he and him but... Gypsy a male dog? And to top it off she or he was a pomeranian, so I still don't know... I've known this dog for a couple years.

Maybe I should ask...

I also discovered Cashews dipped in Nutella is delicious. So is Nutella on Graham crackers and pretzels. Next i'm trying Nutella on bananas and then i'm going to do Nutella, cashews, pretzels, and banana slices, on a graham cracker.


Charlie had a playdate with The overweight, insanely friendly Golden Retriever Larry, the chubby shih tzu Maggie, and a couple random pitbulls, one tried to sit on my lap a couple times, he was named Charlie too! :)  Anyways. My friends who had brought their dogs (Larry and Maggie) knicknamed Charlie "The bullet."

I think it's self explanitory.

(People were playing soccer not far away, and a dog was barking at Charlie like he was losing his mind, and a couple cars and bikers went by. Guess who stayed completely focused? I did! Charlie did too!)

Oh, and the star of the show, Charlie (of course), has some big news.

Drum roll please...


Have a wonderful day!!!!!!


P.s. Now that I read it, that anyway is extremely obnoxious. oooooooooooooh well.

P.p.s. I will have the pictures I took of my friend's cute little kitten Tucker up pretty soon!