Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Charlie's Appointment

Note: This was written yesterday, but I never pressed the button to post it and am too lazy to change all the "todays" to "yesterdays."

We took Charlie to Dr. W for his vetrinarian's appointment today. It started out well, Charlie decided he wanted to weigh himself before I even had to think about how to get him to stand on the scale. My vicious little terrier is 20.9lbs!

As we sat in the exam room waiting for the doctor to come in I looked down at Charlie reflected in his eyes the verticle blinds appeared to look like jail bars. I sat there and giggled at the irony well my mother stared at me like I was crazy.

Dr. W came in and offered Charlie a treat which he gobbled up immediatly. We now know he likes Liver Biscotti treats... a LOT. Dr. W was petting Charlie as she was giving him treats and he was enjoying the attention with no problems as long as Dr. W didn't touch his head or pet him too much and the treat giving didn't stop. Eventually they started the examination and Charlie didn't like that too much and gave a small warning growl, but allowed Dr. W to gently put the muzzle on him.

Charlie got two shots and his blood drawn and The doctor said she didn't see any problems! Afterwards she took the muzzle off and gave Charlie some more treats and he took them without a problem, even impressing Dr. W with some tricks. We got a reccomendation to a trainer that Dr. W thinks will do a lot to help Charlie. Unfortunatly I'm probably going to have to find a summer job to pay for it.

As we were leaving the building Charlie decides that the man sitting in the chair, reading a newspaper was a threat and began to growl at him. Or did he just take offense that the man was not offering up Liver Biscotti as soon as he saw Charlie?! I guess we'll never know for sure.

Charlie discovering the wonders of a sun roof on a sunny day.

So the stress i've been feeling about "The Appointment" wasn't so nessecary. I really liked Dr. W and I thought she did a wonderful job. I was worried I wasn't going to like her or what she was going to say, but she asked me a lot of questions about what I was doing, and made a lot of suggestions. Some of the things she suggested I had already been doing, but the fact that she suggested them made me feel better about what I have been doing.

Another thing I liked was that at no point did she say, like the last person we went to "I don't think he will ever be able to be around strangers." Though I know I will probably never be able to trust Charlie completely around strangers, in her following sentences she made it sound as if we should lock Charlie up and never let him see people at all. As I was watching the person who said this she flipped her hand around well she was talking which went in the direction of Charlie, and that is what set him off. When she said that she hadn't done anything to provoke that I attempted to inform her of her movement with her hand, and she immediatly put me down because "She didn't move her hand." and "That would not cause a reaction."

Yeah, cause since you teach puppies to sit and stay you automatically know what does and what does not set my dog off.

Moving on..

Post Appointment

I'm actually looking forward to working with the person Dr. W suggested, and I don't think I will mind going back with Charlie to see Dr. W for another check up later.

Overall it was quite different from the horrific dreams that had been stirring in my mind the last few days (thank goodness).

Happy belated Easter!


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