Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Bit of Embarassment.

Most people who know me will not doubt that I love my dog. I love to teach him new tricks, coming up with crazy tricks, and I love to try and think of challanges for his oversized dog brain... I love walking him, I love how he is my rollerblading and biking buddy, how he can walk or run further than I would ever even dream of. I love playing fetch with him, I love how he helps me practice for tennis by running to get the ball over and over again to bring it back to me even ignoring passing bikers, joggers and even dogs. Even the things I do not love so much don't seem that bad when you compare it to all the good things about Charlie.

So why on this lovely Tuesday am I embarassed? Why, as I am writting this, am I considering not posting it? Why do I feel like a horrible, terrible person today?

Charlie has an appointment with the vetrinary on Monday. Now that itself is making me nervous, but it isn't why I am embaressed. No, I am embaressed because since we got Charlie in May of 2009 he has not had a visit to the vet.

I feel awful.

Now I have "excuses" but they're terrible.

This is my first dog, and I personally could not make the appointment, one of my parents did. I didn't know where to go, who to ask for, what to do. I did a lot of research on vetrinary hospitals in the area and found the one that looked like it was the best choice, but I could have started right as soon as I had gotten Charlie.

And what if something had happened? I know where I could bring Charlie in case of an emergency, but they don't know him, or anything about him because he has never gone there before. What a disaster that would be if something horrible happened and I couldn't get him help because I hadn't planned ahead!

Overall, I think I will feel better when the appointment is over. I'm nervous for how Charlie is going to take it, and mostly how I will take it.

Now i'm still wondering if I should even post this... I'm just embarassed that my dog's health wasn't important enough to get that appointment schedualed sooner.

On the bright side... he seems happy I have put it off...


  1. If there was only a way we could get our dogs to realize that going to the vet was for their own good. :-)

  2. Don't feel too bad. I think he will be fine :)

    You definitely do want to keep him up to date on shots just in case something terrible were to happen where he bites someone. You want to have his records handy and prove that he doesn't have rabies, and so on.

    My cats haven't been to the vet in a long time.

  3. Jan- Charlie seems to have no idea what "Vet" is, he actually waves his tail when we say "Are you excited to go to the vet!?"

    Lindsay- That's exactly why I finally put my foot down. We got a vet who specializes in dogs with "Behavioral problems."