Saturday, April 23, 2011

Only My Dog Can Make Petco an Exciting Adventure.

I'm considering Changing the name of this blog to "Crazy-adorable stranger-mistrusting dog and his super paranoid owner."

Not really...

                                                                Moving on....

Yesterday I went to Petco to finally buy a dog backpack for Charlie. I asked my mom if I should put the muzzle on him before I went in or leave it in the car. We decided to leave it in the car, with the downside of me having to:

1.) Search for the perfect backpack and at the same time
2.) ALWAYS stay on high alert and watch for people from every direction.

It's a lot harder then it sounds.

Since Charlie is completely potty trained I don't worry about him peeing in anybody's house, but as I say that... Petco and Petsmart are a whole other story. I wish dogs understood that just because one dog decided that the corner of the store looked like a wonderful place to relieve themselfs that not every single dog for the rest of eternity that walks by that one spot has to pee there also.

So while I looked around for a sanitation station because Charlie had wandered upon another dog's potty place I was momentarily not following rule #2 of "ALWAYS stay on high alert and watch for people from every direction." and... BOOM.

A petco employee is kneeling down in front of Charlie with a toy and she throws it at him and it lands right between his two front paws before I can say a thing all of the following happen. When he looks at me to say "Can I play with it?" Or it could have been "What is this crazy lady think she's doing?" she reaches towards the toy or from Charlie's point of view... reached right toward him. Before I can react she has the toy back in her hands and Charlie is wagging his tail.



No way...

Of all the things she could have done the one thing that sets Charlie off it if someone reaching towards him. She did just that and he didn't react? Was it the toy? Was the toy really awesome? Should I have bought the toy?

Well at this point I realized I was probably standing there with my mouth open looking like an idiot and she looks like she's going to make another move towards him when I spit out (probably sounding like a total snob) "Actually, he's not too great with strangers all of the time." She looked at me like "Okay?"

I should probably work on my way to nicely but effectively say "Stop reaching towards my dog right now or he's going to bite your hand off." Any ideas?

So after continueing to kneel is front of Charlie doing nothing for another minute or two I awkwardly say "Do you have something I can wipe my dog's pee up with?"

Did I use an awful lot of quotation marks in this post? Yes... yes I did.

Please stay tuned for the next blog post from Jessi and Charlie. Where even a trip to Petco is a thrilling adventure...


  1. Employees at our pet store (small chain) are instructed not to pay any attention to dogs, not even eye contact.

  2. That sounds like the perfect place for Charlie to visit!