Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Got'cha Day Charlie!

Happy 730th +1 day Charlie! Two years ago yesterday I walked into the Petsmart and came out with a DOG! Unfortunatly I did not know very much about owning a dog and I didn't take the little clues of Charlie's problems that I would discover later. But on the other hand I'm glad I didn't leave him there.

We, my mother and I, arrived at Petsmart for the Adoption Days two years ago and spotted one dog that fit my dad's requirement- "Small." Though he was a little bigger then we were expecting and a lot more energetic I knelt down to say hello and he put his front paws on my legs and VERY viciously attacked my face with his tongue. I walked him around for a while and I decided I was going to give him a try.

He never went back.
Too big? naaah.

So May 3rd became his "Got'cha Day" our replacement for a birthday since we do not know his birth date. Ironically, his vet's random birthday guess was the same day as my uncle's (aka the owner of the only dog faster then Charlie on Thanksgiving Day at the farm.) birthday.

So Charlie got everything he asked for for his Got'cha day! He got a special meal... (Chicken Dinner... wet dog food) and a rawhide bigger then his head. Okay he asked for one bigger then his whole body but he went with to buy it and I felt weird enough with the rawhide he got, while walking a 20lb dog.


  1. Happy gotcha day, Charlie. I feel so guilty not celebrating birthdays and gotcha days for my dogs, but I barely remember my children's birthdays. And they get pissy about it.

  2. Happy "birthday" Charlie! You're a good boy!

  3. Jan- I completely forgot last year! It was May 4th when I noticed... oops.