Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How smart is your dog?

Before you read this post know that i'm not bashing your dog, or your favorite breed.


I was researching dog breeds and which ones are "smartest" Afterwards i decided it really shouldn't be decided by breed but the individual dog.. Here are a couple of the breeds that were called "smartest" breeds.

Labrador Retriever
Shetland sheep dog
Doberman Pinscer
Golden Retriever
German Shepherd
Border collie
Australian Cattle dog

Some of the "dumbest" or as some would rather put it "least smart" dog breeds were:

Basset Hound
Chow Chow
Afghan hound

After some research on the Afghan Hound, which was considered the dumbest in a recent test, I discovered that their owners consider them spirited, loyal, and affectionate... Some people who own a dog of this breed argued that the test was not taken fairly, and that the Afghan Hound is not dumb.

I haven't met a single Afghan Hound so I couldn't tell you how smart the breed is from experience, but I would not trust this list completely. If you're looking for a smart dog I would consider judgeing the dog its self, not the breed.


The dogs that seem to be the dumbest to me from ones i've met are Golden Retrievers and Labradors, which are both on the List of "Smartest" dogs. The only Labradoodle i've ever met was I can honestly say the most clueless dog in the world. And that's a mix of the #2 and #7 smartest dogs.
Now I'm not saying that there aren't any smart Golden Retrievers or Labradors, I mean they had to have gotten on the list somehow.. And certain breeds are used for certain jobs because of their intelligence, but I just don't agree with getting one of these breeds just because a list came out that said they were on the top ten smartest dogs.

Another thing I don't completely understand is how they measure a dog's intelligence. Just because Larry knows more tricks then Ginger doesn't make either smarter then the other, it just tells you that Larry's owners took more time to teach him trick's then Ginger's owners.

And just become Bleu the Husky responds faster than Shadow while pulling a sled doesn't make him smarter. Maybe Shadow is just more stubborn.



I think this list needs to be revised to include adorable little terrier mixes who are definatly smarter then any of these dog breeds anyways. :)


Dogs don't understand pointing. They focus on the tip of your finger, not the item you are pointing at.


  1. I've read this list before. I think in this case "intelligence" was translated to mean "ease of training." Dogs like border collies and labradors are "smart" because they are generally very interested in their owners and therefore are very naturally motivated to learn.

    Whereas Afghan Hounds and bulldogs tend to be more stubborn and independent. They are often harder to motivate and less inclided to learn what we want them to learn. It doesn't make them stupid though by any stretch.

    I agree with you in that no one should get a dog based on this "I.Q." test. Border colles may be deemed "intelligent" but they have many other characteristics that many people may not enjoy.

    As a passionate JRT admirer, I don't know how terrier mixes didn't make the top ten list either. I call shenanigans.

  2. I agree, terriers should be #1 Smartest and #1 cutest.

  3. The Basset Hounds that I have are very smart, maybe stubborn but that is it. They pretty much all have the natural ability to hunt and that goes a long way. So you are very wong for saying that about the basset hound is dumb.