Sunday, February 6, 2011


Charlie is so unpredictable...
Today Charlie and I went to the dog park with Lindsay and Ace, and Charlie did awesome. For the first time in a while a stranger was able to touch Charlie, and not be growled or snapped at. Of course I was running late so I didn't wear a hat and forgot my gloves. Don't worry though, Charlie had his sweater on, he was fine. (I know that's all you care about!)

I've always been proud of my dog because he gets along with every dog he's met but my best friends, of course. But today he just wasn't able to tolerate another dog at the dog park. Lindsay came because of his bad people skills (which he didn't really show today), but his amazing dog skills that i've always been proud of, failed. In Charlie's defense that dog was being obnoxious.

Charlie falling asleep on the way home from the dog park
Anyways... After the dog park, and walk with Lindsay and Ace... I went to play Ice Tennis (yeah... Ice Tennis) with Robin.  Then Charlie and I went to pick up some dog food. We went to Petsmart and on the car ride, Charlie saw a man wearing a very big coat with his giant fluffy hood and went insane. He went crazy, barking and jumping.. He just lost it.
Then my dad's friend came over to watch the superbowl (it's still happening right now but i'm not a football fan) and usually when he is muzzled he just gives up and sits there even when a stranger comes into the house. Today, though, he charged the guy and growled and did what I assume would be biting if he wasn't muzzled.

This is just one day and he surprised me. In good and bad ways.

Things like this make me wonder about how tomorrow is going to go... well Charlie has a LOTS of tomorrows left so it should be interesting! :)

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  1. Dogs can be unpredictable but that is what makes them interesting.