Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall :)

He look so innocent...
My pictures lie.

Yes, there is a leaf in his mouth!
Is blue a good color for him?
 I might get him a blue collar...

This picture is nothing special but I took it as I was falling down...
I'm sort of proud of myself...

And Practicing... "Come."
Working on "Stay" next to an adorable tree...


  1. Leaves look good on him, even in his mouth. :)

  2. He stood like that for a long time too! had no idea! Or just didn't care? :)

  3. Jessi,

    I saw this little dog and I thought of Charlie! What do you think of this video? It makes me want a small terrier-type dog. She's not even tired after all this exercise!

  4. That's an awesome video! I would love to do this with Charlie! I've actually been considering finding a way to get my bike down to the farm this thanksgiving so we bike without a leash and now I reaaallly want to do it! And I understand the not being tired thing... It's impossible to tire Charlie out. oh, and you can borrow my small terrier-type dog anytime! :)