Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Secret Frisbee Dog

When The Trainer came over and she asked questions about Charlie, the toys he plays with came up. I told her about our every other day games of fetch with the tennis ball. When she learned how well Charlie retrieved she asked about Frisbees.

Oh no.

A short while after bringing Charlie home I had a frisbee in my hand. As soon as he saw it Charlie charged towards me, jumped up, took the frisbee out of my hand and immediatly started chewing, cracking the plastic in half and leaving me standing there like an idiot. A similar incident happened at the dog park, with somebody else's frisbee. Since Charlie will drop a ball or any other toy, but not a frisbee I concluded that this was unhealthy and mostly, embaressed the heck out of me. There would be no more frisbees for Charlie. I would avoid them at all costs.

So when the trainer brought up frisbees I immediatly said. "No, no frisbees. Never."

So I continued on like that. The Trainer actually said what I was doing was alright, avoiding the situation. Cause I mean, if I avoid it I will never have a problem, right?

But then I started thinking. When we first got Charlie I decided I was going to do a ton of stuff with him, and at first I had no idea what I was doing and everything was going horribly. You should have seen our first attempts at bike rides and rollerblading. If I was watching myself I'm sure I would have laughed my hind end off. Now, though, we can rollerblade and bike with no embaressing incidents. So when I was cleaning out my room and I found a cheap frisbee I thought, why not? Everything I've done with Charlie has changed since those first few months. Why can't he safely play with a frisbee?

So for the past month of so I've been working with Charlie on his frisbee... craziness.

So after lots and lots of work inside on retrieving the frisbee, bringing it back, and dropping it without chewing on it... last night for the fourth time Charlie and I went into our backyard and I threw the frisbee, he ran and caught it, and he brought it back and dropped it at my feet. And I threw it again.


P.S. My friend got a kitten :)


  1. The first frisbees were probably possessed by evil forces. Charlie knew...

  2. Glad I have him to watch out for me :)

  3. Good job, Charlie! Ace is nuts over frisbees and tennis balls. He will retrieve a frisbee nicely, but he does chew it up. The cheap frisbees last about five minutes. And I suck at throwing a frisbee. So usually we stick to tennis balls.