Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I am so lazy.

In the summertime I tend to wake up earlier then my friends, so I usually spend that time walking/biking Charlie. I like to bike him up to the dog park and play some fetch or just let him sniff around because nobody is usually there. Then the rest of the day Charlie is relaxed and just lays around the house.

Tomorrow school starts.

I've always wanted to be that person that woke up early before I leave and walked my dog for 30-60mins so that when I came home he is calmer, but let's be realistic here.

I already get up at 6:45 and I feel terrible saying it but... I don't think Charlie's cute little face is enough to get me up before 6:15. I'm lazy.

However, Charlie still does get a walk/run after school. And that dog is the laziest in the world. When I wake up in the morning he lifts his head, adjusts himself so he's more comfortable and goes back to sleep. He doesn't even get up when I leave the house. Sometimes to get him to go potty in the morning I have to lure him outside with treats and occasionally I just pick him up and set him on his feet. For an regularly energetic dog he is difficult on school mornings.

P.S. School starts tomorrow. Oh did I say that already? Maybe if I stop saying it, it wont ever happen...


  1. When I leave the house in the morning, I SO want to be one of my dogs, still sleeping peacefully.

  2. Yeah, they have it so rough, having to stay home all day. Poor things. If only I could get up, eat and go back to bed every morning until noon!

  3. No kidding! I would love that!