Friday, July 8, 2011

On lack of sleep I'm writing

Charlie isn't very good with storms or fireworks so I didn't get much sleep the last few days and I'm half asleep right now so I apoligize for any obvious errors I'm positive I will make and not notice.

Normally Charlie will stay occupied with his Kong toy filled with frozen peanut butter during storms but for some reason he would not spend a single minute on it this 4th of July weekend. He didn't eat very much either. I started getting worried because when he should have eaten 4 times (friday- night/saturday- morning and night/ sunday morning) he had eaten half of one of his bowls.

I eventually got him to eat some, but as soon as he'd get started, of course, a firework would go off. You know, I never really cared if people ignored the law in my city saying you can not light off fireworks in town. Until I got Charlie, of course. By Sunday night I was ready to march right up to the idiots and tell them whats what. I didn't, of course. I'm no extravert. or... whatever.

Anyways. GUESS WHERE I WENT TODAY! How about I just tell you.

I reschedualed The Trainer's visit with Charlie for tomorrow because I had to opportunity to go back out to the vet clinic for another day!

Of course it started out with giving a horse shots. I've always been a fan of horses, I leased a horse for about a month and I love to ride horses but... I do not want to be the vet that deals with the horses. They are too big. My vet actually got trampled on monday by her son's horse, and let me tell you it did not look pretty.

So after that horse gots shots another horse came in that had a big cut in his nose so I watched them sew that up. Afterwards I watched more surgeries. Let me tell you, if your dog has something growing on its eye do not wait a week to take them in! A little puppy is now blind in one eye because the owners ignored it.

Continuing on to appointments- I met this awesome rottweiler, a daschund, golden doodle, yorkie, cats of all sorts... There was one golden doodle left on a doorstep of a vet tech that worked in that clinic who found a home for this dog and they were both there at the same clinic today. 13 years later. The vet tech walks in and says "I told you I'd find you a good home."


Speaking of good homes - If you live in ND and have lost your black pitbull... he's at the pound. And buy a better leash you have a pitbull not a chihuahua! That leash was like a piece of yarn, no wonder it broke.

Anyways. Went to the humane society, brushed a ton of cats but, fell in love with a cat named Caesar. Remembered I had a dog that chases cats and a dad that despises cats and started telling all my friends about this orange cat that they should adopt so I can come visit him. At the moment there are no takers, but i'm confident he will find a home very fast.

I'm not actually sure his name is Caesar since there were approx. 4 other orange cats that looked very similar but they all had very different personalities.

Anyways... I've probably been all over the place with this post. Is it even done? I don't know. I think I'll take a nap or... go to sleep or something.

One of my stitches fell out this morning. Hopefully the remaining will follow.

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  1. Caesar is definitely cute! I love orange tabbies. He has such a fuzzy, grumpy little face. I hope he finds his perfect home soon and his family lets you visit. It's too bad Charlie doesn't get along with cats.
    Shiva likes to chase them as well but our cat is pretty good at holding his ground. She will try to get him to run but he'll just stand there, one paw in the air, waiting for her to make a wrong move. If we ever get a second cat, he or she will also have to be very dog savvy!

    It sounds like you had a very exciting day!