Friday, July 1, 2011

Bringing You Up to Date

So I realize I forgot to update last week, but I was super busy so I'm updating it now on both weeks. Last week we continued to work with Charlie on going to his bed, and he is almost to the point where he can go from another room, though he does (for some reason) get confused with his bed in another room, that I do not remember calling "bed." So that is what we worked on through last week and will continue this week. The Trainer brought her own dog and we went outside to practice Charlie passing other dogs, and focusing on me when I ask and not on the other dog even if they walk right next to eachother.
This week we are still working on Charlie going to his bed. Since it was almost 100 degrees out and our air conditioner happens to be broken we took it easy. The Trainer also decided not to bring one of her own dogs because she did not want to leave her dog in the car when it was so hot. We worked on how you start an agility run and Charlie's focus on me. Afterwards we worked on the trick that I've been working on with Charlie for a couple weeks now... Doing a handstand. Charlie is to the point where he can go up against the wall with no books and when he tried to do it yesterday he accidently missed the wall and he did a handstand for a whole second on his own! We also brought Charlie outside and another dog passed us and Charlie didn't bark or growl, or show too much interest in the dog. (yeay!)

P.S. I got stitches today in my lip. It was probably the most unpleasent experience of my life. Do not hurt your lip.

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  1. Give Charlie a good report card for making progress.

    Sorry about the lip. I can just imagine how painful.