Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trainer for Charlie

Well if you read my post about Charlie's vetrinarian you know that I'm pretty particular about who interacts with my dog. I actually leave with Charlie when one of my grandparents comes over. I say "Don't say his name or lean toward him and I'll bring him out." Guess what she does immediatly? Thankfully my other two grandparents understand some of the things I tell them and they now get along with Charlie.

So we called the trainer that Charlie's vet suggested. She walked in today and Charlie is barking his head off. I've got him on the leash and she walks in, and he jumps up on her (noooo Charlie, I've taught you NOT to do that!) and she kneels down and Charlie sniffs her and growled a little and walked back to me then to her until he just stared at me with quick glances back at the trainer. And that was it.

We talked about Charlie and through the entire meeting he watched me. We even got a surprise visiter and she got to see how he reacts to the doorbell and new people at the door and, of course, how I react.

She was impressed with how much work I've done with Charlie, how many tricks he knows, and especially how freaking adorable he is. (I'm bragging)...

After the initial meeting Charlie ignored her and stared at me the entire time. She eventually reached out and touched his back when he was standing by her and he was focused on the hot dog I had just taken out and completely ignored her!

So, next thursday we will meet again with her and start working on Charlie!

Of course I'll probably put updates on this blog. I've come to realize that this blog is not really for readers, but so that I can eventually look back and see (hopefully) how far we've gone.



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