Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Walking With Charlie

Charlie looking at the giant puddle he refuses to walk through.
I've been wondering recently how to make my walks with Charlie more exciting... or interesting at least. During the winter months I tend to get bored with our walks because that's all we can do - walk or run. During the summer we bike, rollerblade, skateboard (me and Charlie take turns on the skateboard which is fun to see people's faces), going to playgrounds.... I know some people love walks and never seem to get too bored of them but I'm a teenager with very little focusing ability. Ask my teachers.

 So, I got the idea from many people's dog blogs to start taking pictures on our walks. Which means I will be pretty much documenting Fargo's famous flood in months to come. (insert sigh here)

Besides, when I see something that nobody will believe I saw, I'm alone except for Charlie and... well Charlie isn't going to tell everybody that I'm not crazy! Thank you camera.

ANYWAYS, I will try to take pictures on at least one of our walks/runs a week.

These pictures are from our walk yesterday and today. Notice all the water... (sigh).

Cute little baby STOP sign and mommy :)
.....Flood stuff....

No, you are most definatly seeing this correctly. CHARLIE'S yes MY Charlie's paws with MUD on them! MUD! I had to take a picture... Now don't you worry, this was an accident. we turned a corner and there was a giant mud puddle. As soon as his front feet hit it he jumped back... I had to carry him over the mud. Thank god he's only 20 pounds.


"In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog." -unknown

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