Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tell me the truth! I can handle it!!! Maybe?

Have you ever done something for the longest time and not realized there was a problem? Like cleaning your ears with Q-tips, skipping breakfast, or making the minimum payments on your credit card... Okay so I've never had a credit card but that's not the point (do I say this in posts a lot?) If you are making these mistake am I right in thinking you would want someone to tell you you're doing something wrong? Will it help? Will you find a different way to clean your ears, and will you start eating breakfast?

The happiest dog in the world
When it comes to my dog I always want people to tell me if i'm doing something wrong... I think.

Whenever I find out i've been doing something wrong I start to question everything I do. Just on my walk with Charlie today everytime I turned a corner I questioned whether I turned it right, or if I should even turn corners? Is turning corners bad? Are we supposed to ignore corners and stay on a straight path forever and ever and never turn? I don't know, but that seems a little inconvienent.

So I had this dilema in front of me... Would I rather do something wrong and have nobody tell me and just keep doing it, or would I rather somebody tell me and risk becoming a paranoid-crazy-dog-person?

I decided on the second option, as annoying as it is, if I'm doing something wrong I want people to tell me.

And while we are talking about doing things right...

Is it wrong to use your dog as a vacuum? I was making cookies today and it is just so time consuming to find every crumb... Okay okay, I know I shouldn't. I'll stop... Maybe.
Charlie thought it was a little windy today

From the dog's point of view, his master is an elongated and abnormally cunning dog.  ~Mabel Louise Robinson


  1. Maybe it's wrong, but sometimes on walks I kind of let the dogs choose the way that has the most interesting smells to them.

    One of the main jobs of all dogs is to serve as a vacuum. It's one of those win-win situations.

  2. If Charlie is ahead of me he stops at corners and doesn't keep going until I choose a way. Too many choices for him?

    &Oh good, I wasn't being serious when I said I'd stop using Charlie as a vacuum. :P