Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday!

It's ter... Sprinter?

Well... Today it's spring out so me and Charlie are going to go for a very long walk before winter comes back.

Anyways, This picture here isn't of Charlie's amazing bow... (he is still working on perfecting that one) the command for this one was "Lay down" err... "Lay Down" Charlie...

Well Charlie doesn't "Lay down" on hard surfaces. I've gotten him recently (after saying the command 5 times) to lay down on hard surfaces, though he looks extremely uncomfortable and he doesn't stay there very long.
Is this normal? My cousin's dogs lay down anywhere. Carpet, wood, mud piles, puddles... Charlie will refuse to continue his walk if there is mud in front of him, and when I rollerblade straight through puddles he runs around the outside.

Is my dog just fussy or are my cousin's dogs crazy?

Update: We went on the first bike ride of the year instead of a walk. This is a picture I just took out my window. We don't have a lot of snow, but thaaaank you to the people who did not shovel your sidewalks... it made our adventure more... adventureful. So Charlie got out to stretch his legs and I found out how running with my slow butt all winter has slowed him down.

"My sunshine doesn't come from the skies, it comes from the love in my dog's eyes."  -Unknown


  1. Good for Charlie. My Poodles will only go where it is comfortable for them. The other dogs don't care.

  2. It sounds like Charlie is a very fastidious, clean dog that enjoys comfort. Look at it this least you won't have to bathe him every 2 minutes like I do with Georgia!:)

  3. My dog won't run through puddles either. Even if I am splashing through them and having a good time. Water is pretty much her least favourite thing in the whole world.

    The mud thing, though, is funny. Sounds like you have a canine neat-freak! He does have a very lovely bow. :-)

  4. Jan- Maybe that's why Charlie gets along with poodles so well...

    georgia little pea- Very good point!

    Kristine- He does! Now to get him to do it on the command "bow" not "Lay down!"