Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Think I Might Actually be Crazy.


If you live in the area I live in chances are you've probably seen me before, but you probably don't remember. I'm not someone who stands out because I don't scream for attention and I'm very good at not tripping over things in public places (most of the time). But for about 30mins this last wednesday I was sure, if you saw me you'd remember me.

Have you ever tried to rollerblade through snow, ice, and slush well being pulled at a million miles per second by an excited black lab who is dead set on going through EVERY puddle she sees? Okay, well even though I may have exaggerated the speed a little... It's TONS of fun.

Maybe a little risky... Forget to jump over a clump of slush... and... I wouldn't know. (insert embaressed face here).
At least I didn't fall on my face...

I call it AWESOME ROLLERBLADING! Mostly because I can't think of anything else right now... I'll get back to you. (i'm accepting suggestions)

So last week, I mentioned I helped with Bella (the black lab mix up for adoption with 4 Luv of dog) at Adoption days. Well, after seeing her with obviously way too much energy to handle all the excitment of new dogs and people I decided I should probably try and commit more time to make sure Bella gets excersize even though I'm usually dead tired by the time I get home and have a dog of my own to take care of. (why do I have to be such a good person?).

So, due to lack of time and energy and I decided that spring was here whether it looked like it or not and I was bringing out my rollerblades, ignoring the looks from my family, I went to take Bella out for a run.

First 15minutes? Holding on for dear life.

Apparently I held on well enough because I'm telling you about it, though I wont lie, while one half of me was having a ton of fun, the other half was saying "How stupid are you? Rollerblading? NOW? There's snow on the ground for goodness sakes!"

I ignored my sensible thoughts and swerved to avoid another puddle while Bella splashed through it anyways.

Here is Bella on the last 5minutes, the slowest she went the entire time. it's a bit dark out when I took the video so hopefully you can see it okay:

I want to end this post with a picture of my killer dog and me, though I hate pictures of me... I want people to understand a little better why I put up with him, because you don't see who he really is.


I am joy in a wooly coat, come to dance into your life, to make you laugh! -Julie Church


  1. Wow Bella can move fast! And I love the picture of both you and your adorable pup, it's priceless. Thanks for visiting my blog <3

  2. It's a shame we can't bottle all that energy. We wouldn't need all the expensive gasoline!
    Thanks so much for visiting Critter Alley. We've signed on as your newest followers!


  3. Go, Bella, go! She sounds like one crazy hyper dog! She is so lucky to have you to come take her running, walking and Rollerblading! I hope she gets adopted soon! I do not have the guts to go rollerblading or biking in this weather!

  4. Peggy Frezon- Thank you:)

    K9friend-That would be really cool!

    Lindsay- She is definatly crazy hyper! hah I took her running today and there were snow piles up to my shoulder that we had to go over and she just jumped over like it was nothing and left me on the other side slightly confused on how I was supposed to get over it haha.

  5. Awww, I do love some Charlie. The photo of the two of you is so sweet. Though I sense that arm was holding him still as much as it was hugging him close. Nothing better than a crazy dog!

    You are very brave to rollerblade with a dog. I fall on my butt without any help - no way am I good enough to take Shiva with me. I'd say that makes you pretty awesome.

  6. That really looks like fun,just wish I had the energy or could buy some from Charlie.

  7. Kristine- Thanks! He actually sits like this with me a lot. (After his walk of course!) I rollerblade quite a bit and I started out with Charlie and pretty much moved up slowly to bigger and bigger and crazier and crazier dogs:) Bella is the craziest so far but only second biggest!

    Jan- If you could buy energy Charlie would be RICH!

  8. I've never tried rollerblading. Period.

    That pic of Charlie is lovely. You're cute too :)

    Maybe I should mention I can't see any vid on my comp?