Sunday, February 13, 2011


I enjoy stories about dogs, and I love dogs but sometimes I think I don't need to know every single story there is about a dog. My family is very enthusiastic with supporting things... often too much. I painted my room light blue and lime green, for my birthday and the next christmas I got light blue and lime green pillows, blankets, pillow covers, a chair, picture frames, a comforter, a notebook, pajamas, a dog collar... I painted my room over two years ago, i'm still getting blue and green things. For this Christmas I got a lime green phone case, and blue slippers... I still like blue and green, but this post isn't about the colors blue and green.

Whenever a new dog walks by my grandparent's house I hear about it. I feel like a stalker. A dog walker goes by my grandparent's house at least once a week with a different dog every time... I hear about every dog who wears a sweater, every dog who pees on their yard, and you can bet your last penny if a black and white dog walks by I hear "A dog that looks exactly like Charlie walked by today!" It doesn't matter if it is a Black and white Great Dane, if it's a Dalmation, or if it's an Chiuhaha. It doesn't matter if it is 150 or 10 pounds. It looks like Charlie if it's black and white.
I love my grandparents... but I don't need to know about every dog with a red collar.
I don't know if anybody else feels the same way as me... but it seems like if you have anything to do with a dog, people feel like they have to tell you every story they've ever had that involved a dog in any way.
There might be some stories you hear that will might help you reach your record yawns in a minute, but i'll end this post with a good one that a little old lady at a retirement home told me once.
She (I never learned her name) was driving her little scooter by the North Fargo Dog Park, walking her little shih tzu on the bike path, when in the trees she heard a noise. Her dog was excited by the noise and started to bark. At that moment a large turkey comes streaming out of the tree headed directly for her, and her little dog. The turkey reached them before the lady could figure out what to do, and began to attack the little dog. Grabbing her dog, and stuffing it into the kennel on her scooter the lady was able to get away. Fortunatly, the little dog was fine, and the lady got away with nothing more then a few marks marks on the arm where the turkey had gotten her.
I hope you have a Happy Valentines Day,

Today I went to Adoption days with Bella. Bella is a black lab mix up for adoption with 4 luv of dog. She has tons of energy and would do best in a house with a runner, or at least someone to walk her everyday. She currently lives with two dogs and quite a few cats...

I also spent time with Baby, another black lab up for adoption. She was pretty calm even though there were a lot of people and dogs around.
You can read more about these and other dogs at


  1. Ha! That's funny. Families can be so weird sometimes. I think they want you to feel like they understand you and your interests. They want to feel are part of your life and I guess by telling you about every dog they have ever seen they are doing that? It's kind of cute, though I am sure it gets old pretty fast.

    Oh, by the way, did I mention that dog I saw that looked just like Charlie? ;-)

  2. Yeah I get to hear a lot of dog stories too, which is fine. But do you notice how some people want to talk on and on about their pets and show you tons of pictures of their pets, yet they don't have the attention span to listen to one story of your dog? And they don't even ask to see a picture? Heck, they don't even ask if you have a dog? THAT'S what annoys me.

  3. I agree... I'll listen to a couple stories about your dog, and maybe look at a picture, but then you better expect stories and pictures also.

  4. thank goodness i'm finally here. what a dog filled day it's been. but don't worry, i won't tell you any more stories in case you start yawning :)

    the turkey certainly had its day!

  5. It's okay, Charlie is definatly a slave driver also.