Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Little More About a Little Mutt

So you know I have a dog. You know he's 4-5 years old and you know that I got him from a rescue. What don't you know? First the bad.

What scares me the most is when you're little daughter in her pink frilly dress runs at Charlie yelling "Puppy! Puppy! Puppy!" Weeeelll, If you have a young daughter go to her now. Tell her that no matter how cute "puppies" are they should always ask the owner before they approach one. And tell them if the dog doesn't have an owner with them to stay away from that dog.
Charlie bites at strangers. He has more of a problem with older men and people wearing bulky clothing. He's getting better. At first he couldn't be around another person, now I have friends come over and as long as they don't reach down to pet him, Charlie will smell them and move on to more important things. A few of my friends even play fetch with him now.

Now just cause Charlie has an issue with strangers doesn't mean I want a different dog. In my opinion Charlie is the perfect dog.

Charlie is my dog. Not my mom's, dad's or brothers'. It says my mom adopted him but only because you have to be 18 to adopt a dog. otherwise I paid for him. My mom helps pay for food, and lets Charlie out to go potty when she gets home from work, but otherwise all the responsibilites are mine.

Charlie loves walks, rollerblading, biking, fetch, and going to the dog park. 

Charlie hasn't had a problem with any dog and gets along great with all of them except one... Britney's dog Bleu. They just didn't get along.

Charlie's favorite holiday is thanksgiving. We go to the farm and he gets to run around with his big cousin Sarge (viszla) and a few other random lazier dogs all day and he gets to sleep on my lap on the way home. Charlie will not run away when you take his leash off unless there is a squirrel or rabbit and he sees them, but even then he always comes back.

 is the cutest terrier mix in the world
is afraid of ducks
is not a fan of baths but doesn't complain too much
loves to play fetch
loves rawhides
is a cuddly dog
is photogenic

Did I mention adorable? Okay I might like my dog a little bit.

Here's some pictures from this summer/fall when it was warmer out, I'll add some pictures of the rescue dogs on sunday if I can!


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  1. Was Charlie scared of you when you first met him? Which rescue did you get him from? He is so cute and really does look like a puppy. What do you think he is a mix of? Jack Russell and ??

  2. He wasn't afraid, when I first saw him I kelt down to pet him and he put his front paws on my lap and licked my face, but he didn't like to be touched a whole lot and was really nervous for the first week we had him, he never stopped moving. We'd walk/run him for an hour twice a day and he still wouldn't relax

    We got him from the Marshmallow Foundation/Lucky Dog Animal Shelter in Detroit Lakes.

    I think Jack Russel and Rat Terrier? Some lady tried to tell me he was a Dalmation/Chihuahua mix once. I want to get the DNA test done and find out!

  3. He could be dalmation/chihuahua! Although I definitely see terrier. Who knows ...