Saturday, November 27, 2010


If you've read my first blog post you'd already know I like to take pictures. My favorite ones to take aren't necessarily the best pictures, or ones that would draw other people's attention. I really love to take pictures of things I love because I have more fun taking the pictures.

Now you're looking at this picture and saying "She loves apples and snow?" Well... no. That's not exactly my point. I do like apples, and snow is fun sometimes but honestly I'd rather eat a candy bar and in nice, warm, sunny weather... But I have to admit I love how they look and the apple didn't make a big fuss about being outside in the snow.
(This is Shadow, a husky up for adoption. Go to to read more about this cutie!)
So not all my pictures are taken with good cameras.. This is one of my favorites because there was absolutely no planning in it at all and because I took it with the camera on my phone. I had just stopped and taken this picture. No treats, no planning, nothing and it surprised me. Of course, Shadow being adorable made the picture.
Charlie in the picture above will be on this blog often. He is my dog, though he still looks like a puppy he is probably around 4-5 years old. We adopted him almost two years ago and I've never met a smarter or cuter dog then him. A big plus is that he is quite photogenic:)

I'll be putting more pictures up tomorrow, but until then have a good night!

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