Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hi everybody, this is Jessi. My friend Britney is going to be joining the blog so you will see posts from her and from me!

She likes hockey and dogs also, so she'll probably be writing about similar things. She has a husky named Bleu and he's super lazy.

I look forward to seeing what she writes.

Me and Britney were trying to get Bleu to pull the sled but he couldn't quite do it so we went to the snow hill! someone was going down the hill with their little Corgi who would not stop barking. Fortunatly Bleu didn't talk back... much. Here's a video of Britney going down the hill with Bleu! She'd probably also like me to tell you that she isn't the one screaming in this video. :)

Before we went sledding we walked the dogs at the kennel. None of these dogs seemed to mind the snow much. Here's a few of the dogs I walked, they are all up for adoption with 4 Luv of Dog Rescue and you can read about ALL of them at!
These pictures were all taken with my phone camera.

Update 2/19/11: Beyonce, Destiny, and Vinny and all in foster homes but they still need their forever homes!
Luna was adopted!
Gypsy still needs a foster/forever home.

Destiny and her brother and sister are all looking for homes! They're young black lab mix puppies.These are pictures of Destiny but Vinny and Beyonce are also waiting for their forever homes. The other two aren't, but destiny is a bit shy, but if you spend a little time with her she accepts you pretty quickly.

Luna is a husky, she is VERY small and likes to talk a lot. She has two blue eyes and is the cutest little husky.

Gypsy is my favorite dog at the kennel. She's been there the longest, with no foster home and as I walk different dogs every week Gypsy has always been there when all the others have come and gone. She THE most adorable dog earth with these eyes that can't really be captured in a picture or described. She's got lots of energy but she loves to cuddle. Gypsy really wants to find a home, she's waited too long!

These dogs all deserve a home so if you're thinking about getting a dog consider adopting. I have to go now, but don't worry, I'll be back!


  1. Nice to see you started a blog! Have fun! I like seeing all the photos you take of the dogs!